MaxQuant.Live is a software framework for real-time monitoring of mass spectrometric data and controlling of the data acquisition. As demonstrated in our article [MaxQuant.Live enables global targeting of more than 25,000 peptides] the software offers a variety of new exciting data acquisition strategies without affecting ease of use or throughput.

Smart acquisition apps

The first version of MaxQuant.Live brings four apps for different data acquisition strategies, which we have developed and tested in our group. Beside the standard Top-N and the Global Targeting strategies our app-store contains implementations of BoxCar [Nature Methods, vol. 15, 440-448 (2018)] and EASI-tag [Nature Methods, vol. 15, 527-530 (2018))]

Getting started

MaxQuant.Live is completely free and can be used with any Thermo Fisher Q-Exactive mass spectrometer that fulfills the requirements.

Learn about the software

Live is easy! Anyway, some basic knowledge is required to do your first steps with MaxQuant.Live. The user documentation gives an overview of the base application, the included apps and explains you how to get control over the mass spectrometer. If you have questions, join the Google Group or just send us an e-mail.